Spray Cosmetics. Are They Really So Dangerous?

skin-care.jpgSprays, aerosols, atomizers. These are the names of cosmetics in bottles under pressure. They are easy to use and give instant effects. But are the products safe for our health?

Deodorants, hair sprays, dry shampoos, nail polish, spray-on tights. All these cosmetics have one thing in common: spray formula. First container with a dispenser was designed in the 1920s of the 20th century. However, first spray products appeared in stores 30 years later and they still enjoy great popularity. Aerosol bottles turned out to be pefect for storage of various substances. Why? They protect the product from damage, the applicator is easy to use and they extend durability of the cosmetic. Sadly, sprays also have numerous drawbacks. Chlorofluorocarbon, included in sprays, destroys ozone hole thereby exposes us to the harmful effects of UV radiation. In the 1990s this dangerous substance was replaced with propane and butane which are indifferent to the environment (but not to health).

You probably haven’t been aware that improperly used deodorant may become a strong intoxicant. If chemical compounds included in the cosmetic get into our bloodstream, they can cause hallucinations, accelerated heart rate and disorders of consciousness. That is why, we should use deodorants in well-ventilated rooms and keep it more or less 6 inches away from the skin. Spray cosmetics contain also flammable substances. Heating the cosmetic up to 50°C or long exposure to sunbeams may lead to explosion.

Before using any spray cosmetics, read the leaflet or product desription on the label thoroughly. Remember that applying deodorants or shaving cream to damaged epidermis causes irritation. What’s more, many damaging substances penetrate into the organism and they can cause serious health problems. Colourants and fragrance substances in sprays may also bring similar results.

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