How to properly do your manicure? Never make these mistakes.

manicure.jpgBeautiful nails are the pride of every woman. Even though a perfect manicure is the desire of most of us, unfortunately, applying nail polish in not always successful for everyone. Let us have a closer look on what mistakes not to make and how to use nail polish, files and other nail accessories.

Filing your nails in different directions.

Many of us probably did not even realize that filing nails in different directions is not allowed. Why? Because you weaken the nail plate, which becomes more sensitive to breakage and splitting. If you wish to have beautiful and healthy nails, invest in a paper file. It is extremely important to always file your nails in the same direction. Move the file along the edge of the nail to the central part.

Forgetting about buffing you nails.

When buffing your nails, you provide an incredible shine, and what is more, help to get rid of any roughness and the remains of the cuticles. If your nail plate is even, it is much easier to do your manicure. Make sure to select only very gentle buffers that do not chip the top layer of the nail. Additionally, the buffer cannot damage the delicate skin around the plate. A good solution would be to purchase polishers in a form of the block with different degrees of granularity.

Lack of cuticle care.

Cuticles covering your nail plate can spoil the effect of even the most beautiful manicure. Therefore, every week, you should remember to take a proper care of them: moisturise and move away, but not cut. It is worth remembering, that cutting the cuticles can lead to infections and weakening of the nail. To moisten the skin, use special preparations or cosmetic oils. When it comes to gently moving away the cuticles, better use a wooden stick.

Lack of proper preparation of nais prior to manicure.

If you forget to prep your nails prior to manicure, you can say goodbye to a beautiful look. Remember that before painting your nails, it is very important to do a few things. First of all, soak your hands in a soapy water for a few minutes. This will help to move the cuticles back easier. Then, degrease the nail plate. It is an essential step in order to make the nail polish last longer. What is more, thanks to cleansing your nails, you will get rid of any remaining sebum and other small impurities. All these steps will lead to making your manicure application process a lot easer.

You tend to forget about the base coat and top coat.

These are two very important cosmetics, you cannot forget about. Firstly, a good base for under your lacquer, prevents any further damage and discolouration of the nail plate. When it comes to the top coat, this one will speed up the time of drying of your lacquer and protect against chipping. With such tricks your nails will be strong and healthy, and the manicure will look even more beautiful.

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