How to manicure damaged nails?

beauty.jpgFragile, thin, splitting…do your nails look the same? If your answer is yes, then it is high time you started treating them the right way. How to nurture your nail plates, nourish cuticles to make your hands look beautiful? Read the article to find out how to create a professional manicure.

Why your nails are not strong and healthy?

This is influenced by many factors, ranging from diseases and infections through improper care, and ending on the use of detergents. Did you know that manicure done incorrectly may also contribute to weakening the condition of nails? Before you go to the beautician, first of all, check its portfolio, review opinions and see the price list. If you have the slightest doubt, look for another offer. It is very important to find a reliable and experienced stylist in order not to catch any infections. What is more, remember not to pluck gel or acrylic manicure on your own. This might result in seriously damaged, hard to cure nail plate.

How to regenerate damaged nails?

If you dream about a beautiful manicure, you must first strengthen the nail plate. Start with grinding down residual acrylic or gel mass. Then, then grow your nails and wait until they become strong and thick. Make sure to use a glass nail file. This type is gentle. Next, apply an especially designed gel to harden your nail plate. For this purpose you can use cosmetics from Sally Hansen. Additionally, you can use natural oils, warm olive oil and vitamins A and E. Each evening, apply a moisturising hand cream. Do not forget to nourish your cuticles. For about two weeks, try not to cut and grind down the nail.

What are the effects?

After a few weeks you will be able to notice that your nails are prettier, stronger and healthier. Traces of detached tips disappear, the skin will be moisturised and the nail plate smooth and shiny. Therefore, you can say goodbye to white and yellow spots and flaking cuticles. Your nails will never break, their ends will not split, they will become less resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. And remember: always do you manicure in a professional salon. Otherwise you might become infected with bacteria.

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