Waterproof brow pomade with a creamy consistency – Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade

What is a brow pomade?

Let us explain! A brow pomade is a beauty makeup product contained in a little jar. It has a consistency of a thick paste that spreads over the skin effortlessly and camouflages sparse areas. The beauty market offers more and more products of this type, so how do you choose a good brow pomade?

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A good brow pomade should style as well as take care of eyebrow hairs. It keeps them in place all day long, adding shine and strengthening their structure. This is what Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade is all about – a brow styling pomade which is the most popular choice among women all over the world.

Meet Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade – valuable product information

This is a waterproof eyebrow pomade with a formula that leaves arches stronger and shinier. Every time you apply makeup, your hair will get additional protection against adverse factors and gain a beautiful, natural glow. The Nanobrow pomade allows you to map eyebrows as desired, fill in gaps and patches as well as redefine their shape – take your pick! This multipurpose product works wonderfully for every woman who is not satisfied with her eyebrow shape.

The long-wear pomade’s velvety consistency makes makeup pleasant and lets you take full control over the styling process. Finally, you will create the exact makeup you fancy and there will be no need for touch-ups throughout the day. Intensify the results to get from subtle and delicate to bold, intense makeup – depending on your preferences and occasion. 

Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade

It’s available in shades:

How does Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade work?

If nature didn’t bless you with bushy, messy, and full eyebrows, don’t worry! Even if your arches are skinny, full of patches and nearly invisible, Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade was created in order to help you do makeup like a pro! Your eyebrows will be emphasized, expressive and natural at the same time every time you use Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade! 

The brow pomade works incredibly well in the case of thick as well as thin eyebrows full of cavities. The innovative formula spreads over the eyebrow arches perfectly, filling and strengthening them. It’s properly thick and comfortable to use which is why Nanobrow is such a popular choice among users. The malleable, waterproof Nanobrow brow pomade survives all day long under any conditions.

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How to use a brow pomade?

It turns out that brow styling does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. All you need are three steps for your makeup to look flawless and elegant all day long. You don’t need to be a pro to do that! Have you found eyebrow makeup difficult so far? Let’s put an end to it! Everyday brow sculpting might become your favourite part of the day.

The brow pomade is easy and intuitive to use. See how to do that:

    1. Scoop a small amount onto a handy brush and outline brows with a thin line.
    2. Mask sparse areas by filling eyebrow arches with the chosen colour.
    3. Brush out the excess product using a spoolie for a more subtle effect.

Where to buy Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade?

Order it at the producer’s official website – www.nanobrow.us. It is also available in online drugstores. Choose delivery right to your door and start a new adventure!