Give Your Hair a Twist! How to Define Curls?

Lots of us dream of a head of curls. Sadly, women, who have curls, usually don’t like their appearance. How to define the curls and make natural waves look alluring?

The key info is that hair looks at its best when it’s healthy. Lacking hydration, strands are frizzy and a nice curl is impossible to achieve. In most cases, curly hair has high porosity, meaning its care routine is problematic and requires sacrifices.

How to care for curls?

1 – Curls adore deeply-moisturizing products – both leave-in and rinse-out ones. They need lots of hydrating ingredients so go for intensively-moisturizing hair masks.

2 – Curls like protein-rich products, too, because their structure is weak. Make use of protein masks and conditioners for curly hair, containing lots of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids).

How to define the curl?

The hair care routine is the key but the way you style your hairdo matters, too. If you keep hair healthy, it’s fine but you won’t see stunning curls. Following some rules and using some tricks will let you enhance them.

Styling products

At almost every drug store, there’s a shelf with curly hair products with lots of styling cosmetics. They’re supposed to enhance the curl in an effortless way but you must be aware they’re full of chemicals and may irritate the scalp. Some of them contain alcohol which dehydrates the hair.

Oiling curly hair

Hair oil treatment is a very popular treatment. If you’ve never applied hair oils, search some info online. There are lots of blogs about it. Natural oils give hair hydration, repair and protection but there’s something more. You can apply them after washing and before the styling routine to increase shine and define and fix the curl.

Curl-Defining Home Tricks

Products aren’t the only way to enhance curls. If your hair’s curl-prone, make use of different accessories. I don’t mean curling wands or heated rolls. Choose eco-friendly methods which don’t damage hair with chemicals or heat. Define your curl with plunking (wrapping hair in a towel) or pinning damp hair up before sleep.