Frizzy Hair Fixes. How to Get Silky Smooth Hair with Home Methods?

Your hair is frizzy and you don’t know how to do away with the problem? Reach out for frizzy hair home fixes – effective and wallet-friendly. A few days are enough to forget about the bad hair day.

Hair frizz has different reasons. It’s most common in damaged, coarse and stiff strands. The problem usually affects those who have their hair colored or bleached, overuse heat styling or get a permanent wave. Frizz is intensified in summer when strands are exposed to the harmful sunlight. Is there something more that leads to frizzy tresses and flyaways? Lots of things. The wrong hair care routine is worth mentioning. Too much protein or a wrong hair oil may trigger frizz.

Frizzy Hair Home Remedies

Among lots of DIY hair care methods, there are the ones that effectively deal with unruly and frizzy strands. You should try introducing the right habits into your daily care routine because the effects are going to surprise you!

(1) After shampooing and using a conditioner, rinse hair out with cold water to close cuticle scales which opened during the washing routine. As a result, hair’s silky smooth.

(2) Hair is less frizzy if you let it air-dry and don’t towel-dry harshly. If you must blow-dry, use a cool airflow and ion function.

(3) You can successfully reduce frizz using natural hair oils. A regular hair oil treatment improves the hair condition, ensures the hydration and protection against the external aggressors. You can oil your hair, scalp or just hair ends if they’re most unruly. A properly-chosen oil, applied in small amounts before the blow-dry routine, protects from heat, smoothes, adds shine and prevents frizz and static.

(4) Trimming hair tips regularly is the key. Split strands are fragile, dehydrated and – consequently – frizzy. Visiting a hairdresser once in a while pays off.

(5) Too intensive brushing routine intensifies the problem, too. Unless you’ve got a straightening or ionic brush. A wide-tooth comb – preferably wooden or metal – gives best effects. A plastic comb triggers static.