Time to Get Fabulous Hair! Check Out Stellar Keratin-Packed Hair Masks

Is your hair getting damaged from blow-drying, coloring or the elements? Or has it stopped growing and you seem to have a bad hair day every day? It’s time to take action! Make use of keratin – a marvelous ingredient which is essential to every type of hair. Today we’re happy to review the best keratin masks for you. Choose the most suitable one for your tresses!

What makes keratin so big?

  1. Keratin is a powerful fibrillar protein and the key building block of human hair.
  2. It improves the condition, looks and growth of hair.
  3. It makes up the hair because it’s in the hair cortex and cuticle.
  4. It keeps the hair lovely-looking by fixing damage in the cuticle layer.
  5. It makes sure the growth phase runs smoothly.

To deliver a good supply of keratin, we need a hair mask which is high in it. Such a product will nourish deeply, give long-term effects, and provide more intensive care. Do you know the names of the best hair masks? We do! Check the consumers’ choice – the most effective keratin-rich product.

TOP Keratin-Packed Hair Masks

Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask

1 Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask

PURPOSE: all hair types

The absolute best! A highly-recommended mask, appreciated by hairstylists and consumers. It isn’t available at the drugstores but you can easily get one online (through the brand’s official webpage www.nanoil.us). You’ll also appreciate it for the amazing effects and great price. It also lasts long and has a wonderful scent! This keratin mask gives you fabulous, luminous, smooth and soft hair. After the first use! The Nanoil Mask contains hydrolyzed keratin which intensively repairs and strengthens the deepest structures of hair. 

The product is lightweight and non-overburdening, which allows the ingredients to get inside the hair easily and fix damage in the hair and on its surface. The Nanoil Keratin Mask is enriched with panthenol which has a beautifying and nourishing effect, adding health and improving the appearance of hair. The product works out well for every type of hair, even if it’s thin and fragile.

2 Rene Furterer Absolue Keratine Regenerating Mask

PURPOSE: very dry, damaged hair

I’m sure the name gives that away: this repair mask is perfect for ruined strands. It costs a lot and doesn’t boast large volume, but you can be sure it’s gonna work well: it will quickly improve your hair! The Rene Furterer Absolue Keratine Regenerating Mask is a duo of keratin and precious oils that aims to enhance even extremely damaged, dry and brittle hair so it looks lovely again.  This thick and protein-rich treatment has all that’s necessary to revive hair which got worse due to coloring, bleaching or heat styling.

3 OUAI Thick Hair Treatment

PURPOSE: heavy, thick, low-porosity hair  

Is your hair easily weighed-down? Does it lose its volume quickly? Are you afraid a rich mask would overburden your strands? You’re lucky because we know one more product that can be used on easily weighed-down tresses. The Quai Treatment is a perfect solution if you want to replenish keratin in hair that tends to lose volume and gets oily and flat from rich masks. It holds some amazing ingredients, and, despite oils in the formula, it doesn’t weigh strands down! It’s easily rinsed out and pleasant to apply. What effects should you expect? Hair is shiny, healthy and full of volume. Considering the incredible results, we’re sorry the product costs that much and doesn’t last long.

4 Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

PURPOSE: medium or high porosity hair

It’s a noteworthy and affordable hair mask which has already been appreciated by many consumers. Macadamia Deep Repair is easy to use, mild, and effective for nourishing healthy or dry hair. It holds more oils than keratin so it’s more of an emollient treatment, which means it’s going to enhance dry strands and keep them from losing water. It will also help you control the frizz on a rainy day. Would you like to see the effect on your hair? The brand offers a small version too so you can check first if it pays to get a bigger supply. The Macadamia Deep Repair Masque smooths, softens, and protects from damage. Apart from proteins and oils, it contains extracts from green tea, aloe vera, and seaweeds.