Lashcode mascara – Magnetizing look in just two steps

recommended mascara - LashcodeWhat’s the best way to get magnetizing look? A quality mascara that leaves eyelashes voluminous and intensively black. Just like Lashcode, which is an innovative cosmetic that is really worth getting to know better.

Many women consider make-up as extremely important because it enables to camouflage skin imperfections and enhance the natural beauty. It helps boost self-confidence but only when well-applied. To achieve this goal, professional cosmetics are needed among which rules Lashcode – a mascara that does both things simultaneously: accentuates eyelashes and takes care of them. What’s worth knowing about this mascara?

A short history of Lashcode

This is a mascara that came into existence as the answer to women’s needs. Among thousands of beauty products available on the market, it was hard to find a mascara that would coat lashes perfectly and bring out look without leaving ‘panda eyes’, crumbling off or clumping lashes together. And this is why Lashcode was developed – an incredibly long-wearing mascara of otherworldly performance.

How Lashcode works?

It’s action can’t be described with one word only. This is definitely too little to demonstrate how Lashcode works. It doesn’t just coat lashes with blackness but it beautifies the lashes and redefines the look of the lash hairs in such a way that no other mascara is able to.

Eyelashes treated with Lashcode are:

  • even three times longer
  • thickened from the base to the tips
  • darker and more shiny
  • stronger, healthier and better nourished
  • full of natural and stunning volume

Incredible lashes in two steps

Lashcode enhances look gorgeously and gifts eyelashes with volume. It happens also thanks to its reinforcing, nourishing and moisturising properties. This is the first such a mascara that conditions lashes without losing any of its beautifying properties.

It’s easy to get wonderful eyelashes with Lashcode because:

  1. it conditions eyelashes form the inside preventing lash loss and supporting lash growth
  2. it coats lashes flawlessly without clumps, crumbling off or smudges

This two-phase action is an innovation in colour cosmetics that reached a completely new level with Lashcode. Thanks to choosing this product, make-up doesn’t only become considerably easier but also the effects are more beautiful. We also win additional support for eyelashes that can be weakened due to daily styling.

Lashcode. What is hidden inside the tube?

Everything that Lashcode mascara has to offer is owed to its composition. Apart from a black mineral pigment and substances giving the product the right consistency and properties, there are also the following ingredients:

  • slowing down lash ageing processes soy germ extract
  • wheat germ extract displaying potent regenerating properties
  • natural UV filter, which is skullcap root extract
  • lash elasticity boosting panthenol
  • rejuvenating vitamin E displaying anti-oxidative action
  • natural amino acid, which is arginine

Synergy between applicator and Lashcode formula

Two things which are essential in every mascara are a well-designed brush and a formula of right consistency. Lashcode surprises in both cases. This is a mascara which:

  • APPLICATOR is a silicone, very flexible brush of optimal size having short and long bristle arranged to reach even the shortest lashes and keep them separated
  • FORMULA is an intensively black blend of natural waxes and a mineral pigment that provides lightness, velvet smooth, easiness of application and long-wear of the cosmetic.

Where to get Lashcode?

The biggest advantage of this mascara is that it’s sold online. After entering the official website you can order your own Lashcode mascara with home delivery option. What’s important, the product expiry date is long and can be regularly used even for 6 months, so it’s definitely worth its price.

enter the official website –

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