An effective lash serum? Choose the best one with our top picks!

You take care of your body, face, hair… What about your lashes? Want them to be long, thick and protected from falling out? Need an effective eyelash serum in order to achieve your goal? Check our ranking and choose the best one!

What should you use for lash growth?

Care is the first step to getting strong, healthy lashes. Make sure you don’t neglect this part if you value beautiful and full lashes. Use a good serum regularly and you’ll achieve stunning results. It is beneficial, especially for those who have thin, sparse, weak and barely-there lashes. A good lash serum will provide your hairs with valuable constituents that are essential for their proper functioning.

How to take care of eyelashes?

Many factors impact the condition of eyelashes. They are: environmental pollution, unhealthy diet, improper lash care, the wrong makeup cosmetics, wearing eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes, incautious makeup removal or other styling treatments. In order to maintain a healthy condition of your eyelashes, you will need to eliminate the factors that are harmful. First and foremost, a good lash serum will help you take care of your hair and shield them from damage.

What were our criteria when compiling this ranking?

Most importantly, we paid close attention to the effectiveness of serums, the experts’ and regular consumers’ opinions, and popularity ranking positions. As part of our research, we also looked closely at the effects you can expect from using a particular serum. Meet the lash serum recommended by women all over the world!


1. Nanolash Eyelash Serum

Where to buy it: this lash serum is available in regular drugstores and perfumeries as well as online (, in the marketplace

The Nanolash lash serum is a product of the highest quality that has gained recognition in the beauty market. Only a month of use is enough for your lashes to be doubled in length and thickness! Thousands of women across the world have fallen in love with this product. You can see the difference after just 15 days and it will be just the start of your transformation. This lash-enhancing conditioner has a natural and safe composition that will also work for those with sensitive skin or eyes. With each day, your lashes will be much thicker, fuller and longer. The professional brush allows for an easy and precise application. This unique lash serum is enriched with nurturing ingredients that reach unto lash follicles, acting from within. Nanolash offers a refined formula that doesn’t cause any irritation or allergies. You can be sure that your lashes will be well taken care of. Nanolash Eyelash Serum affects the thickness and colour of eyelashes. It’s a foolproof and maximally effective lash serum that will definitely amaze you!


  • ensures naturally beautiful lashes,
  • inhibits lash loss,
  • improves the condition and texture of hair,
  • delivers quick long-term results,
  • no artificial dyes, parabens or fragrances.


  • price,
  • small brush,
  • requires regular use.

2. Lashcode Eyelash Serum

Where to buy it: this lash serum can be found online (, in physical stores, and in the marketplace

It’s the first step to beautiful and stunning eyelashes. Lashcode Eyelash Serum delivers twice as long, thicker hairs you’ve always dreamed of. It’s a solution for very weak lashes – nourishment, hydration, and regeneration in one. The ultra-fine, ergonomically designed, and precise applicator makes dosing the product and using it every day an easy task. Lashcode ensures deep regeneration – it strengthens lash follicles and revitalizes eyelashes as well as prevents them from falling out and protects against damage. With each day of use, the hairs will get stronger, thicker, and full of a natural glow. Its natural formula takes care of your beauty. The composition includes soy and wheat germ extracts, peptide complex, and arginine that promote natural hair growth and are responsible for their thickening and proper hydration level.


  • a good combination of ingredients,
  • thickens, strengthens and cares for lashes,
  • improves hair condition for a long time,
  • nurtures lash follicles from within.


  • has a thin applicator
  • requires systematic use

3. RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

Where to buy it: the product is available in regular and online drugstores

This eyelash serum with an advanced formula speeds up natural lash growth, and strengthens them from the follicles so, with each day, they are stronger, thicker and protected from falling out. After just 30 days you will see the full effects that will truly mesmerize you. All you need to do is use Realash 2-3 times a week. This lash serum was made in mind with those who dream of long, spectacular lashes. If yours are short, weak and sparse, Realash is the right choice to improve their appearance.


  • consists of vitamins, oils and plant extracts
  • comfortable application
  • lengthens and thickens


  • might cause dry eyes
  • the composition is complicated and long
  • inconvenient applicator

4. RevitaLash Advanced

Where to buy it: the brand’s official website, physical and online stores

Thanks to this professional lash serum, you can regenerate your eyelashes and strengthen even the weakest hairs in no time. A few months of everyday treatment are needed but it’s really worth it. Weak lashes prone to damage will gain a protective barrier and a powerful portion of nourishment. The formula contains BioPeptin Complex® and plant extracts, responsible for healthy-looking, strong hairs. There are no silicones, paraffin, alcohol or parabens in the composition. The product is safe for sensitive skin. RevitaLash Advanced stimulates lash growth, strengthens them and prevents them from falling out. It is a little bit on the pricey side but you can’t deny that it’s effective.


  • lengthens and thickens lashes
  • brings long-term result
  • no silicones, parabens or paraffin
  • safe for sensitive skin


  • discouraging price
  • long time waiting for results
  • requires regular use
  • a small brush

5. FEG Eyelash Enhancer

Where to buy it: the brand’s official website, marketplace, regular and online drugstores and perfumeries

A good eyelash serum that improves your look after just 14 days of use. It speeds up hair growth, preventing lash loss and breakage. The product boosts the volume, density and shine so you get the results you’ve always dreamed about. It is very beneficial in case you’ve ever worn eyelash extensions. Its concentrated formula and comfortable application attract consumers all over the world. Apply the lash serum at the roots of your upper eyelashes every evening.A 6-week treatment is recommended if you wish to get the full results. 


  • gives quick results 
  • boosts mascara
  • strengthens and moisturizes lashes
  • thick consistency


  • lashes are likely to fall out at the start of the treatment
  • doesn’t guarantee long-term effects
  • takes time to absorb

A great solution for strong lashes

If you want strong eyelashes, don’t forget about proper care. Focus on their hydration, nourishment and protection against falling out and only then go for mascara. You will be able to see a transformation after a few weeks of systematic treatment. A well-chosen serum provides you with all the crucial nurturing ingredients your eyelashes need to grow strong, healthy and full of natural shine.

Lash serums contain numerous healing substances that prevent irritation and are safe for sensitive eye area and, more importantly, take care of your lashes excellently well. We chose for you only the products that deliver desired effects and enjoy fantastic online feedback. The ranking consists of the brands that are proven by years of research when it comes to compositions, possible side effects, and safety.