5 essential cosmetics for skin and hair care

Skin and hair care is a challenge you take on each day. You fight for your skin and hair to be beautiful. Meet 5 cosmetics that can put you in the winning position. Here are your skin and hair care ‘must-haves’.

Acne, hyperpigmentations, minor wrinkles, blackheads – it’s a set of skin related problems that we most commonly deal with. It’s no better when it comes to the hair. Dandruff, split ends, oily roots, itchy scalp. It is often difficult to take control of the hair and skin condition on a daily basis.

Cosmetics that you should always have at hand

Here are 5 propositions that you should have in your bathroom. Why? Because thanks to those products skin will gain beautiful radiance and hair will be strong and resistant to falling out.

1. Natural cosmetic oil

Versatile and irreplaceable! Just one natural oil is able to become an alternative for numerous cosmetics. You can use it on hair, face skin, and your entire body. It can easily become a replacement for cream, body balm, make-up removal, hair mask, serum for hair ends, scalp conditioner, make-up base, and many many more.

It is the most important to choose the oil that matches your skin needs. The most popular is argan oil, but right behind it is sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil, but those are not the only options. The oils that can be used for beauty purposes are hundreds!

2. Light-weight toner or herbal waters

Quite often skipped step in skincare is toner. Hardly anyone realizes how important it is to use a toner or herbal waters that restore skin with correct pH and cleanse the skin of toxins. The right skin pH is the key to beauty and lask of irritations that is why each one of us should have toner and herbal waters.

3. Face serum

Another beauty proposition you should have is the face serum. It is a cosmetic infused with conditioning ingredients that can easily help us with even the worst skin problems. It will restore natural skin glow and youthful beauty. It all depends on the serum you choose and the propositions are the following:

  • a deeply moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid,
  • a rejuvenating serum with retinol,
  • a serum with vitamin C that brightens and ensures radiance, etc.

Important! The serum is not a replacement for the cream and to obtain optimal effects you need both cosmetics because cream creates a protective layer that prevents water and nutrients from escaping the skin. It can be either cream or abovementioned natural oil.

4. Petroleum jelly

Often depreciated petroleum jelly is in fact very useful when it comes to caring. You should have it at hand, especially if you have locally dry skin, e.g. on elbows, knees. Petroleum jelly can be also used for chapped lips, etc.

5. Savon noir black soap

The last proposition on the list of cosmetic propositions of ‘must-haves’ is a black soap Savon noir. It is a soap made using traditional methods and right next to argan oil is a beauty hallmark of Morocco. To produce the black soap only natural ingredients are used: olive oil and black olives.

Why should you have it? It works great for face cleansing, but also body and scalp cleanse. It can be used for all skin types because it perfectly cleanses, nourishes, and moisturizes. It can reduce hyperpigmentations and eliminate acne due to its anti-inflammatory action and ability to heal skin changes.