Why use home remedies for eyelashes if there is Nanolash Eyelash Serum?

long eyelashes with nanolashWho do you take such beautiful eyes after? Don’t hesitate to answer and correct those who are asking the question. They should be curious not who but what helped you to enhance your look as women mostly owe beautiful eyes to Nanolash Eyelash Serum as long as they use it of course. 

Many women dream about beautiful eyelashes. However, few of them know that these dreams can come true. Wake up and take matters into your own hands! Find out why Nanolash Eyelash Serum is the best. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t worry. Imagine the beautiful look that long and thick lashes will give you.

What are eyelashes?

An eyelash is a product of the skin which has the same structure as a hair. Eyelashes are in a way miniatures of what grows on our heads. They have much less volume, they are shorter, much stiffer and, most of all, their life is shorter. Apart from these basic differences, the structure of eyelashes is analogous to the structure of hair. Eyelashes grow out of hair bulbs which are included in skin channels that we possess. The bulb is the only living part of an eyelash. Similarly to hair, if we trimmed our eyelashes, we would feel nothing. However, pulling out a living and rooted bulb is painful.

You daily lose even up to three lashes out of 150-200 that grow on your upper eyelid and out of 50-150 that grow along the water line.

How to take care of eyelashes?

Eyelash care is essential but few of us remember about it. Similarly to hair, eyelashes need nourishing and strength. They may become weak due to numeorus reasons – ranging from unhealthy food to an agresive make-up removal. In some cases, even stress can harm the lashes. All these factors make the bulbs weak, which results in the loss of lashes. That is why Nanolash Eyelash Serum must be applied to the lash line. In this way, it penetrates directly to hair follicles.

A few generations ago plant oils were the most popular conditioning method. The oils are making a come back nowadays, however, they are rarely used for eyelash care. Indeed, castor oil or olive oil are good at boosting hair growth. Also, green tea is a home remedy for improving the condition of eyelashes. You don’t necessarily have to drink it – you can mix green tea with jojoba oil and rub the mixture on the lashes. Brewed tea bags compresses are also helpful and reduce dark circles under the eyes. There are really lots of DIY methods of eyelash care but they aren’t 100% effective and safe.

Should I use eyelash serums?

Eyelash serums are a popular alternative to the home methods of conditioning the lashes. They are perfect solution for those who desire splendid effects and aren’t convinced to using time-consuming methods like applying oils to lashes. Cosmetics for eyelashes have many advantages. They contain nutritional ingredients which have been chosen to provide comprehensive action. Their formula is much more advanced as the manufacturers enrich them with unique combination of ingredients. However, the proven effectiveness is the most important. There is no home method that has been tested and that guarantees the effects. We don’t risk our health if we buy an eyelash serum. They have been cleared for sale, which means they are safe.

Eyelashes come in two or even three rows. Their length is 8-12 mm on the upper eyelid, and 6-8 mm on the lower eyelid.

Why Nanolash Eyelash Serum?

Nanolash is the best commercially available eyelash serum. Its performance has been proved by hundreds of positive opinions and independent customer tests. In case of Nanolash Eyelash Serum, the most innovative are natural ingredients which are aimed at a problem. The area of eyes and eyelashes is almost immediately nourished and strengthened. Such a combination of components brings the fastest results.

You get the best effects if you apply the serum regularly, to the upper lash line. According to the instructions of the manufacturer, the serum must be applied once a day to the cleansed skin of eyelids, after make-up removal. You can apply a perfect amount of Nanolash with a thin brush which makes the application easier. Precision and regularity are essential to the successful treatment.

The effects can be observed after more or less 4-6 weeks of usage. There are some opinions that eyelashes got longer earlier or later. The brand explains that it is because of the individual reaction to the ingredients. Clear and odourless Nanolash Eyelash Serum will give maximum results after more or less 2-3 months – this is the optimal time that 3 ml packaging should last.

Nanolash Eyelash Serum is available on the manufacturer’s website where you can take advantage of attractive special offers which give you a rebate on one packaging of the serum and free shipping. 

20 Comments “Why use home remedies for eyelashes if there is Nanolash Eyelash Serum?”

  1. Ann

    I dream of looong lashes but I am allergic to most cosmetics and there is no way I could get lash extensions or apply lash serums, even castor oil gave me allergies ;/

    • Veronica

      this one doesn’t give allergies 🙂 I have the same problem but I use that serum on a daily basis:)

  2. Daria123

    simply amazing! I highly recommend it! it’s not the cheapest but really worth every penny! 🙂

  3. Joana87

    argan oil works pretty well for me, I can actually see the difference since I started using it. My lashes are stronger and seems much thicker

  4. Catherine

    I have experimented with various methods and means that were supposed to make my lashes long but in fact, only lash serums and work such wonders. I’m not even considering lash extensions because fake lashes are completely not my thing

  5. Margaret

    for a long time revitalash my number one hit, it was amazing! but then I accidentally came across nanolash and to be honest, Im a bigger nanolash fan at the moment. It’s not only because of the price but also the effects seems to last longer :))

  6. Inga33

    I just can’t do things regularly so the only solution for me is to get lash extensions :/ I don’t do the volume extensions not to overweight my natural lashes

  7. Suzie O

    That serum is literally one of the best ones I ever had. I din’t have to wait long for the effects because I saw changes in less than 3 weeks! what’s more, it is gentle for the skin of the eyelids (which is rather thin and sensitive). Really, this product is amazing! and without any regrets, you can pay extra money for such a cosmetics

  8. Adelle

    I heard only positive reviews about that serum and I am sure I’ll but it some time soon :))

  9. Aria

    I prefer the old-fashioned method – castor oil. It works pretty well and is completely safe.

    • Suzie O

      Castor oil is not as safe as you say, it irritated my eyes severely !

  10. Chantelle

    I bought nanolash only a few days ago so it’s too realy to talk about results but so far there was not allergic reaction while other serums were irritating from the very first use

  11. Meredith

    I never got any allergies fromany cosmetics, nevertheless this serum is best because it brings the results the fastest 😀

  12. Melissa

    as for me, it seems like an unnecessary cosmetic.All you need is to buy a good-quality, lengthening mascara and the effects will be the same

  13. Cornelia

    I’d looove to try it out! cannot wait!

  14. Sweety29

    Eyelash extensions are the best solution for me. You get instant effects, I decide on their length and thickness. the only downside is the fact that I have to go back in for the touch-ups to maintain the good looks.

    • Paula

      I’ll have to say no, thank you to lash extensions. I’ve done it a few times and then it took several months untill my natural lashes regrew because they were so damaged because of extensions

      • Pocahontas

        Even the most delicate extensions will weigh down your natural lashes. Sooner or later, they will be becoming weaker and more brittle

    • Marrion

      Fake-looking lashes are not my type, they look sooo unnatural and there is always the risk that they may fall out and you have to be extremely careful when wearing them. However, if you use a lash serum and a good-quality mascara, then they look amazing! I often get asked what I did to my lashes and if they are real

  15. Luisa

    I got this serums as a gift and it made my lashes extremely long! I never elieved it could happen! I’d love to buy it one more one day but it’s a bit pricey I got this serums as a gift and it made my lashes extremely long! I never elieved it could happen! I’d love to buy it one more one day but it’s a bit pricey


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