The newcomer from the fjords: Hair oil Define Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment

Define was created in 2002 and has made quite an entry, because in a matter of 4 months they entered Scandinavian market and stole hearts of Norwegian women.

It has taken by storm and made itself comfortable in the most prestigious hair salons. On top of that, it is a combination of everyday hair care with exceptional effectiveness of hair salon cosmetics. All products were in detail and very thoroughly tested accordingly to stringent requirements of Norwegian laboratories. The brand has declare itself expert in Scandinavian hair and we can rest assured that it works also on hair of women from outside the fjords. In the face of World’s delight over natural oils, Define has released its new product: Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment – argan oil for dry and weak hair.

The cosmetic consists of pure argan oil for intense protection and gloss provided to dry, damaged and brittle hair. Oil has great absorption and effect of delicate illumination can be noticed on hair after the first use.

Oil is recommended for all hair types. It is expected to provide immediate smoother and care. It also protects strands against unfavourable impact of external factors, what in Norwegian, hostile, wet and cold climate is a key matter. Regular use can provide hair with silky smoother and health. It is great complementation of everyday hair care. Beside the aforementioned argan oil, cosmetic contains also large concentration of silk amino acids. That is set of amino acids present in unique proportions. They are being obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm. These amino acids influence hair elasticity and strengthen peptide bond in tissues. Thanks to it, the strands gain not only better appearance, but also resilience.

Oil can be used both on dry and damp hair. What is more, you can use it to only highlight an individual hair strands or parts, which require special protection and care (e.g. hair ends). If in the morning your hair are difficult in stylisation, a bit of argan oil from Define will ease the procedure. The oil is locked in a bottle with beautiful golden and beige colours. The pump will make application even easier.